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General Test Questions

Students are not required to take the Academic Writing placement test if UIC has an official score for AP English Language & Composition with a score of 3-5; OR IB English Language A: Language and Literature Higher or Standard Level with a score of 6-7. Such students should consult with an Academic Advisor from the UIC Undergraduate College into which they plan to enroll for course selection in Academic Writing. Students must submit their Intent to Enroll before the exemption is added to their record. UIC does not exempt students for CLEP tests.

First Year Students: All first year students are required to take placement tests for Math and Chemistry (if required) regardless of completed or in-progress college coursework. Placement and course selection will be evaluated by your college academic advisor at Orientation.

First year students who have completed college coursework, took the UIC or another Dual Credit course in English must go to the English Placement Test. Answer the questions in the English Preliminary Question quiz. The answers will determine if you need to take the test. Follow the instructions to complete the process.

Transfer Students: Answer the placement test questions and the required placement tests will be displayed.

There is no deadline date for taking placement tests. However, it is strongly recommended that you complete your placement tests as soon as possible. You will not be able to register for Orientation until your required placement tests are completed. For better class selection, choose the earliest Orientation date.

Spanish and Math placement tests are adaptive. The time it takes to complete the placement tests is dependent upon how you’ve answered the questions. For all other placement tests, the times vary based on your knowledge.

Math is the only placement test that allows retakes. You can retake the Math placement test up to 4 times. You are required to wait 48 hours in between retakes of the Math placement test and complete five hours of the learning module.

All other tests do not allow a retake. The test scores for the remaining tests are valid for one year. You may be able to retake a test after one year, dependent upon the departmental requirements.

The placement score does not expire for students who place into Spanish 113 or 114.

Incoming transfer students should answer the questions in the Placement Testing portlet on the UIC Connect tab in my.uic.edu. After answering the questions, the required placement test(s) will display. You should complete the placement test(s) at least two weeks prior to your Orientation date. Placement tests do not prevent you from signing up for Orientation.

Incoming Students: Scores can be viewed by clicking on the View My Test Results in the Placement Testing Portlet on the UIC Connect tab in my.uic.edu.

Continuing Students: The results are displayed in the Placement Testing Portlet. Click on View Placement Test Results on the Student tab in my.uic.edu.

It takes up to 3 business days for placement test results to post. Placement test completion will display once the scores are posted.

Placement tests that require departmental review will be given a placement score of 950. This score does not reflect how you did on the placement test; it means the placement test is being reviewed.

Academic Writing: Placement tests for students entering in Fall are not reviewed until April. The department reviews the tests by the date submitted. It usually takes 3-4 weeks to clear the backlog. After the backlog is cleared, the tests are graded once a week. All other tests are usually graded within two weeks of submission.

The scores on your placement tests determine appropriate course registration.

Incoming Students: New students can click on View My Test Results on the UIC Connect tab in my.uic.edu. It will display the score and placement. Your college academic advisor at Orientation will explain the results.

Continuing Students: Scores will be displayed by clicking on View Placement Test Results on the Student tab in my.uic.edu.

Scores/Placement will be available within three business days of the placement test being completed.Final score and placement for essay tests usually take up to two weeks.Please refer to the placement test site (website where the test was taken) for detailed information about specific tests.

Please submit a help ticket. All multiple choice tests should have a score within five days. All tests that have a written component should have an initial placement of "Essay or Test Being Reviewed".

You do not need to take the test on campus. However, the test can be taken on campus in any Tech Solutions computer lab. We recommend a Windows desktop/laptop with Firefox. However, Chrome and Internet Explorer (IE) work as well.

You should not be prompted to reset your password. Close your browser and start over again. Please file a help ticket if you are still encountering this problem.

Foreign Language Test Questions

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and some other programs require foreign language proficiency. You are required to take a foreign language placement test unless you have either completed four semesters of a language at a college or university, or are intending to take coursework in a foreign language you have never spoken or studied before. If you met the four semester requirement, you are not required to complete a foreign language placement test. Four years of high school foreign language does not exempt you from the Foreign Language Requirement.

Yes. You must take the foreign language placement test.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and some other programs require foreign language proficiency. You will need to take the foreign language placement test if it appears as a required test in the UIC Connect tab.

Plan to discuss this with your college advisor at Orientation. They will determine whether or not you have satisfied the Foreign Language Requirement. You do not have to take a foreign language placement test at this time, and can still sign up for Orientation.

There are options available to take proficiency tests for languages not offered at UIC. New York University (NYU) offers proficiency exams in other languages. Please refer to the Office of Testing Services website https://testing.uic.edu/nyu/ for more information.

New Students: You can change your test determination answers and select a new language. If you want to take a foreign language placement test different from one that is completed, you can request the test in the bottom of the Placement Testing portlet in my.uic.edu.

Continuing Students: You can request a new test.

Some foreign language placement tests require a final department interview before determining your placement. Please contact the department for more information.

Math Test Questions

No. These questions are used for statistical purposes only.

You should not have to enter a class code. Try closing your browser and starting over. Please file a help ticket if you are still being prompted for a class code. However, if you are trying to retake the Math placement test, you are required to wait 48 hours between tests and to complete five hours of the learning module. No test code is required to retake the Math placement test.

Questions About Taking the Test

Please file a help ticket at the bottom of the page. Your test will be reviewed for content, number of questions completed, inter-page submission times, etc. A final determination will be based on the review.

Contact the Disability Resource Center at 312-413-2183 before taking any placement test.

If you still have questions please File a Help Ticket